Human Love is fickle.  In one moment we feel love for someone.  Minutes later, if something is said or done that triggers us, love can be instantly replaced by contempt.  In human love, we love for convenience. We have a mindset of what kindness is, of what a good person is.  So when someone does something that we deem to be kind, we say, “You are a good person,” and we open our heart. What about someone who shoots our dog or robs our house?  Yes, we take corrective action.  Yet, can we feel love for that one? As with our bank account, we find ourselves depositing love and withdrawing love.

It’s not our fault.  It’s the nature of the human condition.  We become jailed into a pattern of beliefs that stem from ancestral, parental and social conditioning.  We inherit our belief system from those who are themselves conditioned.  They are living from despair and lack of love. Inherited beliefs build on themselves and veil our essential nature. Can we find love underneath our distress and rage?

Divine Love

Personal love is conditional. We take a position of right or wrong.  Divine Love is unconditional. It is revealed in the absence of the conditioned, mind-made person. Divine Love shines as the background of all experiences. Take the metaphor of your computer screen. It is the unconditioned computer screen that embraces all YouTube movies. Your screen is never tainted by the dramas that permeate it.  We, the characters in the movie, are lost in the drama.  We long for the inherent peace and love of the all-embracing computer screen, while not realizing that our true nature is the screen. No matter how we try, we, the finite characters in the movie cannot grok the infinite acceptance and peace of the screen for which we are in search. Attempting to do so is to live a life of suffering.  Suffering is not the absence of happiness. It is the search for happiness, the Divine Love that is already present right now, albeit veiled.

As a person we will never experience Divine Love.  Why? Because Divine Love is the absence of the person.  Each of us is a Divine Spark covered by veils of human conditioning.  We try so much to talk ourselves into being a good person.  But as a human being, nothing is sustainable. Nothing.  Divine Love is the source of life. And life is greater than the mind-body form.  No matter how sincere our devotion, it is misplaced when we spend a lifetime trying to become a more loving human being.  True Love is being devoted to the Truth that we already are, and not to the character in the movie. It is from the Truth of who we are that we can best serve others through the vehicle of the person.  To serve as the Divine is to first peel away the veils to reveal the love that was never lost, only obscured. This is Spiritual Awakening, Divine Love waking up from the person.

About the Author:

Radavie is a contemporary Shaman. She has served many hundreds of clients in freeing themselves from childhood wounds. In July, 2012 Radavie was spiritually awakened. She now devotes herself to serving those who wish to live as their True Self and not as their wounded self. Visit