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Private Retreat

Daily Sessions On-Site
Clear Out and Wake Up

Inside the cage of childhood wounds is the trapped Innocence, the True Self longing to be free.

Free 30-Minute Guidance

Private Retreat

Your Retreat starts in the country side mountains and meadows of Mars Hill, North Carolina, USA

Have you ever had the dream of being on an Island or camping in the woods where you can be alone and undisturbed? A place where you have the freedom to be with yourself in a way that your scheduled life does not allow?

Or maybe you’ve been sensing a heaviness inside that feels unmoving … a drudgery where the days turn into nights and weeks? Months go by and yet this heaviness persists? Do you find yourself even starting to withdraw from others?

Take a life-enriching journey and strip away the layers of wounds.

Terri Levine, Bestselling Author of Turbocharge How To Transform Your Business As A Heartrepreneur

Profoundly Transformative

“The changes that happened in working with Radavie are beyond my ability to put into words. For the first time, I understood what was meant by the “inner child.” Having had lots of therapy in my life, this was an earth shaking revelation, one that was not talked about but, rather directly experienced. I stayed in the “apple house” for the 3-day intensive. It’s a great way if you are really serious about accelerated growth and blasting past life-long obstacles. The intensity of the work was profoundly transformative. A great awakening on my spiritual journey.”

Paul D.
Tampa, Florida

The Call of the Wounded Child

Debilitating emotions are fragments of you that have been caged … and they are calling out for you to release them into the light where relief can be experienced.

The imbalance between your past – your unresolved childhood conditioning — and your desired state has been causing inner conflict.

Childhood conditioning has carved neural pathways that have left most of us managing our lives instead of living our lives. The beginning of new neural pathways starts from your first session.

Upwards of 95% of adult behavior is influenced by the information, thoughts and emotional imprints recorded in one’s subconscious data base from birth to age seven.

For better or worse, subconscious programs from early childhood shape the rest of our lives from how we relate to ourselves and how we get along with others. This sacred Retreat is created for those who have wondered who they really are and what life is all about. This Retreat offers you not only freedom to spend time with yourself, but to discover who you truly are when you get away from daily commitments and distractions.

Falling into Grace

As human conditioning is being dismantled a shift of perception takes place. Your True Nature is unveiled. You fall back into Grace.

The Retreat is a time to delve deeply within your heart, to Soul search and to become more intimate with your feelings. It is to be in a place to explore your interior in a way that you may not have done before, while I hold a space of safety for you.

A lifetime of Wounded Child patterns have infiltrated the mind-body and obscured your True Nature, your Divine Self. When you meet the Wounded Child you unveil the wounds and realize that your childhood conditioning has veiled your True Nature. This is a moment of transformation. As the veil of human and ancestral conditioning begins to dissolve, the True Self begins to wake up from the illusory, human conditioned self. You will leave the retreat feeling transformed and with a lighter heart.

The 4-Day Retreat


  • Check in the afternoon or evening before your Retreat starts
  • Get Settled in your room

Days 1 – 3: Clearing-Out and Waking-Up

  • Two sessions each day with Shamanic Guidance after each session
  • Sessions will be in my therapy room in the privacy of my home
  • Each session continues until it has reached a completion. We never look at the clock.

Day 4: Transition and Post Retreat

It’s time to review and reflect on what has transpired … to ask the question, “How do I navigate my life from here?” On day 4, we summarize and build a bridge based on the new found You.

As a result of your Retreat, yes, change has taken place. But, your familiar environment has not. Residue of the Wounded Child–the one you always believed to be you–dwells in the body and mind. During the Retreat you came to recognize who you really are during our Clearing-Out and Waking-Up Sessions.

However, the Wounded Child is tenacious. Old patterns of thinking, feeling, relating and reacting do not come to an end overnight. These patterns leave residues that linger in the mind and body.

Post retreat provides:
Two 1-hour mentoring sessions as I continue to support you in your awakening. These sessions are by phone or Skype

We are in Reality, Beyond this World and Beyond this Body

“The goal of the retreat was to free my trapped emotions from the rubble of difficult and wrongly interpreted past experiences and to reunite myself with my true self. The process I went through and the experience I had has changed my perspective on this life.  During the embrace between my father, my inner child and myself, my father had disappeared. What remained of him was his true self.  All my resentments and judgements of him no longer existed. 

To touch essence is to know that this life is an amazing but temporary gift, and that we are in reality, beyond this world and beyond this body, beyond life and death.  We are eternal spirits.”

Don White
Acupuncturist, Georgia


close-azaleasmMars Hill is a picturesque farming community set in valleys and rolling country sides surrounded by mountains.  My home is 50 minutes from the Asheville Airport and 30 minutes from downtown eclectic Asheville. The Retreat takes place where I live, in a community called Mountain Meadows. Once we begin the Retreat, the distractions of everyday life will be left behind … and you can focus on your inner self.

During your Retreat you will be surrounded by love and compassion as you spend time in this beautiful, serene country setting. You can sit on our vortex and take leisurely refreshing walks around the 56 acres of lush landscape.

Where to Stay

Where to Stay

You will be staying a few yards down the meadow from me in a rustic, small darling place that I refer to as the “Apple House.”  It is complete with a small sitting apple-house-webarea, kitchenette, shower and a queen size bed in the loft.  The Special rate is $50 per day for my clients.


In keeping with the spirit of the Retreat, please prepare your meals in the Apple House rather than going to a restaurant.  I can arrange to purchase your choice of groceries and have them in the cabin before you arrive.

Transportation and Directions

Rental cars are available at the Asheville Airport, or special arrangements can be made to chauffer you to and from the Airport. I will give you directions at the time.


During the spring and summer, we have pleasant, cool mornings and warm days, with temperatures ranging from 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, dropping into the 60’s at night.  We have moderate to cold winters with some snow. The coldest months are January and February, with temperature ranges from 10 to 60 degrees.

Before and During the Retreat

Prior to your Retreat, I will provide you with a list of items for your preparation.  During the Retreat, you will focus fully on yourself.  This means, no other personal commitments, no TV, no cell phones or internet except for emergencies.

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