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Stay-Clear Online Gatherings

“Spiritual Awakening is not a one-time event.It is a continuous unraveling.
The energy of sitting together creates an environment that is mutually supportive.”

Free 30-Minute Guidance

The Stay-Clear Online Gatherings

Group gatherings are an opportunity to be with like-minded souls in an atmosphere of openness and safety. You will continue to gain more clarity as you receive more support in clearing out mind-made patterns that have vailed the True Self … diving deeper and becoming more skillful in living as your True Nature. Online gatherings are a time to further understand and embody more and more of your existence as True Self.

Stay-Clear Online Gatherings are open to both clients and newcomers.

Fees for Stay-Clear Online Gatherings

$25 per session per person or couple

Duration: Up to 90 minutes

Held every other week

On the day of the Gathering, I will e-mail you a link to the event

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