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Stay-Clear Series

On-Going Mentoring and Support

“Mentoring supports further clearing of the residues of the Wounded Child from the mind and body and supports abiding as the True Self.”

Free 30-Minute Guidance

The Stay-Clear Series

Residue of the Wounded Child – the one you always believed to be you — dwells in the body and mind. Although you came to recognize who you really are during the Clear-Out and Wake-Up Series, old patterns of thinking, feeling, relating and reacting do not come to an end overnight. The Stay Clear Series provides you with on-going mentoring as I continue to support you in abiding as True Self.

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Sessions are open to those who have taken  Clear-Out and Wake-Up Series

The Stay-Clear Series consists of 4 sessions via internet. Each session is 1 hour

 $500 for a 4-session package.

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