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The One Promise That Can Never Be Broken Featured in Sibyl Magazine

Radavie is a Sibyl Magazine Circle Member & Visionary Leader February 2017  Article  The One Promise That Can Never Be Broken We’ve all experienced broken promises. Not only promises broken by others, but also promises we’ve made to others.  We even break promises to ourselves.  Remember that unkept New Year’s resolution?   Relationships are fertile grounds for broken promises. If it weren’t for broken promises, I’d imagine the world’s library of love songs would be half the size. Broken promises can leave wounds One broken promise I experienced left me with a wounded heart.  It was the morning of my 8th birthday.  My mother promised me a soft drink for my gift. I felt so happy that she acknowledged me. As children we all want to feel important and loved. I was overjoyed and couldn’t wait for my soda. Hours went by. It was late and my brothers…

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