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From Conditioned Self To True Self

Radavie is a Sibyl Magazine Circle Member & Visionary Leader  April 2017  Article From Conditioned Self To True Self Before we could pick up a pen, we began recording our life story … chapter by chapter, starting with our ancestral heritage and our childhood upbringing.  All that transpired has been etched in our cells and psyche.  The True Self became veiled. We were trained to believe what we were taught.  Through this, we have embodied a set of rules and values.  We learned that education, money and relationships would bring us happiness. This is the world of conditioning, separation, competition and self-conflict. Separation Growing up, we learned that everything in the material world is in subject-object relationship: mine-yours; us-them. We learned that you are different from me. Focus was placed on our differences and not our common essence. Through separation we were not always treated and seen…

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