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Don’t Tie Your Happiness To What Comes And Goes

AWAKENING FROM THE WOUNDED CHILD  Magazine Circle Member & Visionary Leader May 2017  Article  Don't Tie Your Happiness To What Comes And Goes There are times when I would get up out of bed and feel a deep sense of Spirit. One day, in sharing my euphoria with my husband, he half-jokingly said, “Don’t worry. It won’t last.”  I wished he had supportive words for me or, at the very least, keep quiet. Although his timing was awkward, there was truth in what he said: no feeling, sensation or perception is permanent, no matter how hard we may try to make it so. Life seems like a challenge because, when experienced as a personal self, life is unreliable.  One can never be certain that others will keep their promises. We too may not keep our promises, not even to ourselves. A high school sweetheart may have promised to…

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