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AWAKENING FROM THE WOUNDED CHILD BEFRIENDING FEAR In our human world, fear is accepted as a natural way of life. The energy of fear leads to physical, mental and emotional bondage and spiritual poverty. In so doing, fear veils the light of our True Self.  It constricts us. Born into the world as True Self – the Divine Spark -- we are the radiant light of pure consciousness … the love that accepts all and is tarnished by nothing.  As Divine Sparks we are without fear, being one with all experience. Then we were conditioned into separation as “me” and “you.”  The hallmarks of separation are distrust and fear. We learned fear through traumatic experiences.  Unresolved fearful memories veiled the Divine Spark, the True Self and gave birth to a false sense of self. We began to live life through the veil of fear. We were not…

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