Sibella Circle Member & Visionary Leader
January 2017 Article

Embrace Your Wounded Child!

Until we embrace our Wounded Child, our search for Spiritual Awakening will be elusive.

Due to parental and social conditioning our Wounded Child has been covered with defensive behaviors, protective personalities and blame. So often as adults, our continuing “self talk” may sound like this: “If this never happened to me, I would be… .” We live from a longing to be free, while blaming our past.

My Loss of Innocence

Through my childhood experiences, I have come to understand that all this “self talk” is the voice of human conditioning. For me, it all started when my mother went through a difficult child birth. I had to be extracted by the midwife because of an unusual breach. We both could have died. Throughout my childhood my mother often told me, “You have come to kill me.” The shame from my mother’s repeated blame haunted and for years made me feel like a bad person.

By virtue of being born into the human condition – or more appropriately, into human conditioning — our primal innocence has been kept at bay. Anytime as children we were shamed, blamed or taken advantage of, we built up one more layer of armor to protect our innocence. We solidified into living as human beings, rather than as divine beings.

Our childhood conditioning acts as an invisible force that fabricates beliefs. These beliefs have a direct, yet unconscious influence over the decisions we make, the situations we create and the relationships we form. Left unexamined, distorted beliefs guide us down a path that leads to a dead end. We keep bumping into the same pain over and over again.

I remember the distorted beliefs that I had because of my mother’s blame. When I was around people, I would automatically feel left out and would withdraw, feeling insecure with nothing much to say. I remember how locked down I felt during those years of struggle. Releasing my Wounded Child from the grips of her emotional past, delivered me to my Soul’s calling: opening the portal to Spiritual Awakening by healing the Wounded Child in others.

What’s Really Driving Your Life?

We are not fully in charge of our lives, because our conditioning shapes the decisions we make. Our early conditioning has become the chauffer in the driver’s seat of our lives. While this is going on, our child within is left waiting in a little dark room in the basement inside of us. The child is still frozen in the time of painful experiences while s/he continues to relive unhappy feelings through us.

The Child’s Message

Through my bonding with Wounded Children, they have developed a trust and sense of safety with me. I learned that they are Divine Sparks, an important part of our Soul’s Blueprint. They gave me a message pleading to the adults to release them from emotional wounds. Only then can they assist adults to unlock the door of human conditioning, to truly forgive, and open the portal to Spiritual Awakening North Carolina –– USA