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    AWAKENING FROM THE WOUNDED CHILD  Magazine Circle Member & Visionary Leader October 2017  Article  LOVE IS ALWAYS HERE We are all coming face to face with what many believe to be a time never before experienced by humanity. Changes are happening in ways of planetary destruction, political upheaval and epic bloodshed. In view of these events that may be rocking the foundation of our safety, it can be difficult to accept that Love is always here. Human Love In the human world love is unreliable.  We celebrate Valentine’s Day. Then the wine and roses fade away.  Human love can believe itself into loving someone or something in order to fulfill a subconscious – or even conscious -- need.  And, on a moment-to-moment basis, we can either express love or close the door to love depending upon a passing mood. We began being programmed in the…

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  AWAKENING FROM THE WOUNDED CHILD  Magazine Circle Member & Visionary Leader September 2017  Article  Love Is The Heart Of All Experience Can love be present even in the midst of personal rage and social violence? Or, is love only present when things are going well?  Can we find true love, the love that doesn’t come and go with circumstances? The Divine Heart As I look back over the fluctuations of my life, from childhood to the very moment that I am writing this article, I notice that something has always remained constant … an underlying, aware presence that has never been affected by the tides of change.  Now, reflect on your life.  See what’s always been present in all situations. Aware presence sees all fluctuations, yet remains unchanged. It is the alive presence within which all thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions are watched.  Like the space…


Inner Peace Is Always Present

AWAKENING FROM THE WOUNDED CHILD   Magazine Circle Member & Visionary Leader August 2017  Article INNER PEACE IS ALWAYS PRESENT If inner peace is always present why do we not feel peaceful all the time?  The short answer is because our busy mind is veiling the peace that is our true nature.  The mind is a circular activity that consciously and unconsciously lives in the past and worries about the future. The mind is in a constant state of flux, striving and never arriving: it’s always searching for a moment in time that is better than the present moment.  The mind is like a hamster on a wheel … lots or motion, yet going nowhere.  The difference is the hamster enjoys the ride. We suffer. The futile search for inner peace The greatest addiction is the addiction to thinking.  For the constantly striving mind – except for fleeting…

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From Conditioned Self To True Self

Radavie is a Sibyl Magazine Circle Member & Visionary Leader  April 2017  Article From Conditioned Self To True Self Before we could pick up a pen, we began recording our life story … chapter by chapter, starting with our ancestral heritage and our childhood upbringing.  All that transpired has been etched in our cells and psyche.  The True Self became veiled. We were trained to believe what we were taught.  Through this, we have embodied a set of rules and values.  We learned that education, money and relationships would bring us happiness. This is the world of conditioning, separation, competition and self-conflict. Separation Growing up, we learned that everything in the material world is in subject-object relationship: mine-yours; us-them. We learned that you are different from me. Focus was placed on our differences and not our common essence. Through separation we were not always treated and seen…

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True Simplicity Is To Live From Heart and Not From Mind

  Magazine Circle Member & Visionary Leader  March 2017  Article True Simplicity Is To Live From Heart and Not From Mind The mind is complex. The heart is simple. Appreciating the difference between mind-based simplicity and heart-based simplicity can mean the difference between a lifetime of struggle or one of happiness and inner peace. In our daily lives mind-based simplicity can have many meanings: decluttering our home, cleaning up e-mails, eliminating “stuff,” consuming less, trying to stop multitasking, incorporating technology to replace manual tasks (only to have to deal with technical problems). On and on.  All of these are worthy endeavors. Yet as time goes by, we find ourselves working more and more in the attempt to do less and less.  How ironic. You can’t downsize your way into True Simplicity. I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work for long. True Simplicity has a much more profound…

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How Healthy is Your Relationship?
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How Healthy is Your Relationship?

If what you have been striving for is a relationship that can bring love and harmony into your relationship with your mate, remember that when we set a goal to have joy and feel the constant state of love for each other. To experience this we must face the shadows inside ourselves. If you are unable to maintain peace and love,it is because the imprints blocking you must surface and be released.The absolute best thing you can do for yourself is change your mind about all of this by doing a simple exercise: Find a comfortable quiet space and connect with your breath, then feel what is really going on inside of yourself. Feel into the energy of where you are right now and I guarantee you that you will become more aware of your true feelings that are covered over by your beliefs. It is the…

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