Coming Home to Inner Peace

In words of the Divine Spark…

“You are not a wounded child. You are consciousness, the Divine Spark.

There is an expanded state of inner peace when you have come to realize

that thoughts and beliefs from conditioning are all illusions.”

Our Double Bind

In the growing up process many accumulated shame, like I did. We felt insecure and unloved at times. We may have suffered emotional and physical abuse. At the same time, we found ourselves in a double bind: not being able to survive on our own, yet, having to rely on, and be obedient to, our care takers to meet our basic needs. Over time we accumulated fear.  

To cope, we developed personas along with survival strategies. Our traumas became entrapped in our mind and body leaving emotional imprints. Those imprints veiled our innocence, the peace filled, loving Divine Sparks that we are.

Unveiling Inner Peace

To live in inner peace and to be released from the shackles of our conditioning, it is important to allow the loving presence – the light of the Divine Spark – to shine brightly and embrace our emotional imprints.

About Our Time Together

In or sessions you will experience the falling away of the veils of wounding, and begin to feel greater lightness of mind, body and heart. You will come to know that you are not the wounded child, that you are not your past. You will begin to awaken to the peaceful presence of the Divine Spark that is you true nature.