Healing Program

Release childhood wounds on the path to Spiritual Awakening

“Profound transformation is available now no matter who or where you are.”

Eckhardt Tolle

Upwards of 95% of our adult behavior is influenced by the information, thoughts and emotional imprints that are embodied in our nervous system from birth to age seven. In the Healing Program we start by clearing early core conditioning and beliefs that are still affecting us. As veils of the past are released, the ever present light of True Self, the Divine Spark that you are, shines through more brightly.

You begin to experience a greater sense of emotional wellbeing.  You feel more uplifted and heart centered.  Awakening has begun.

Breaking the Code of Who You are Not

We were born in a state of innocence.  Soon after, however, we were affected by the density of the earth plane and by the conditioning of those already here. Many of us lived in households where we became hostage to the behaviors of adults who may have abused us mentally, physically or sexually. In our own individual way we each experienced some level of trauma.  Any level of abuse violates our sacred, innocent core.  Wounding memories, both conscious and unconscious, take up residence in our nervous system and live on throughout adulthood only to take their toll on our emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

From Wounding to Awakening

Until the veils of wounding have been lifted, they will continue to cloak the Divine Essence that is our true nature.  Having begun to release veils, we become more awakened to the understanding that wounds and beliefs had disguised the Divine Sparks that we are.

As the conditioned past continues to be released, our Divine Essence begins to express itself more authentically in our daily lives and in interactions with others.

My soul’s contract is to clear emotional wounds. And my devotion to the Divine is to serve you in unveiling your Light, the Divine Spark that you are.

Here is what clients say

  • Limiting belief patterns began dissolving
  • Disturbing thoughts start to lose their charge
  • A feeling of lightness in body, mind and spirit
  • Less reactivity to people and situations
  • Greater sense of peace with the past, having become better friends with themselves
“Radavie worked with me using divinely guided empathy to remove a resentment, thereby freeing me up into the next higher octave of enlightenment. I am more content and more effective in my work. Thank you.”
Omshana, Ph.D., C.M.T.,
… Radavie’s guidance helped me to realize that at the deepest core of my being I am pure awareness. It felt like coming home after a long journey. I felt deeply calm, peaceful and surrendered. I also felt very grounded in the present moment. My mind was still and my body at ease. It was a beautiful, healing and empowering experience….”
Conor Santry
I have experienced more self-confidence, inner-connectedness, and inner peace as a result of working with her to recapture the lost parts of myself.
Dr. Dolores Fazzino
Encinitas, California, USA

Healing Program Description

  • The Healing Program consists of 4 full sessions and 4 check-in sessions over an 8-week period.  Full sessions are 60 – 75 minutes.  Check-ins are 15 minutes.
  • Individual internet sessions are conducted via Skype, Zoom or phone with clients worldwide. In-person sessions are also available.

Fee $997

Payment in parts can be arranged

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