If what you have been striving for is a relationship that can bring love and harmony into your relationship with your mate, remember that when we set a goal to have joy and feel the constant state of love for each other. To experience this we must face the shadows inside ourselves.

If you are unable to maintain peace and love,it is because the imprints blocking you must surface and be released.The absolute best thing you can do for yourself is change your mind about all of this by doing a simple exercise:

Find a comfortable quiet space and connect with your breath, then feel what is really going on inside of yourself. Feel into the energy of where you are right now and I guarantee you that you will become more aware of your true feelings that are covered over by your beliefs. It is the dark before the Light, and it is not possible to heal what you do not feel. The only thing that is missing is to discover what it is in you — not outside of you — that holds you back.