Our mind is very creative in the many ways it can block our Divine Heart.  We are all familiar with addictive thinking, much of which consists of anxiety-creating thoughts.  So much mental noise leaves very little space for the Divine Heart to shine through. Our Divine Heart is our True Nature. Our True Nature is not limited by our thoughts; rather, it becomes shrouded with mind-made beliefs.

We did not deliberately choose to step away from our True Nature.  Hurtful feelings and abuse form our persona: the belief system that defines who we are and how we present ourselves.  This is the play of human conditioning. Our Divine Heart gradually becomes the human heart, the chauffeur that drives us our lives.

 Tom’s Divine Heart Becomes Veiled

Tom came to see me as a client. During one of our healing sessions, as we began clearing his childhood traumas and wounds, Tom brought up his Mother.  He expressed that she was very loving to him.  One day, still very young, Tom felt disturbed and confused.  He sensed that his mother was holding sadness in her heart, while in the same instance, being affectionate to him.  He instinctively felt that his mother pretended to love him.  From then on he believed he could no longer trust her. For Tom, love became associated with distrust.  His relationship with his mother was changed by that experience.

It is not possible to withdraw our love from another without blocking our Divine Heart.   When Tom exchanged his love for distrust, it created an emotional scar that changed his relationship.  Not only with his mother, but with himself.  His Devine Heart, his Awakened Self, was veiled with that emotional scar.  It became the human heart in action where we store both love and fear.  We’ve all had wounding experiences, perhaps, more so than Tom’s. We all did what he did.

Tom continued to have difficulty in relationships.  When he was ready to get to the root of his unhappiness he came to see me.  After revealing layers of unhappy childhood memories, the heaviness disappeared.  He reopened his heart to his mother.  Tom realized how his mind had blocked his Divine Heart.  That was the price he paid for troubled and unfulfilled relationships, while yearning for love.

 Transforming Spiritual Poverty into Spiritual Wellbeing

Something changes in the hearts of children when love is absent.  A look of disapproval can send a young child into terror and fear.  Protecting ourselves from an emotional impact by shielding our heart only sets us up to blindly repeat similar experiences throughout adulthood.  These stored and unhappy memories are unconsciously running our lives.  They cause spiritual poverty, no matter how spiritually rich we may appear to others or to ourselves.

It is not possible to live as our Awakened Self when uninvestigated, wounding thoughts hold us in captivity. There’s no spiritual bypass. Freedom from the past awaits us in our Divine Heart.  Love is always there waiting to be unveiled.