Liberation Program

Prerequisites: Healing Program or the Retreat

“It is our destiny to awaken to True Self, the Divine Sparks that we are, and live in freedom and harmony from the spaciousness of Inner Peace.”


Freedom from the past and devotion to the Truth of our being are the focus of the Liberation Program.  In this Program we continue to purify the mind and body from the conditioned past.  The Program is designed for those who are committed to living as the aliveness of Awakened Self … those who are feeling the call to go deeper into breaking the code of habitual behaviors by releasing old programs and encoded beliefs. 

This Program is of special benefit to:

Highly Sensitive People as well as those in service to others including Light Workers, Healers, Therapists and Coaches

For Those in Service to Others

As have I, you too have felt called to assist others in living happier and more fulfilling lives. This is your sacred mission. Yet, we can only serve our clients from our own level of clarity.  We serve best through the vulnerability of spiritual integrity and certainty that only comes through alignment with divine wisdom as we heal our own painful circumstances. As we become awakened and free from our conditioned past, we gain access to the deeper realms of our soul’s wisdom.  And it is our soul’s wisdom that reflects itself in the deepening of our service to others, while uplifting the collective consciousness from its fear and traumas.  As servants of Truth we must choose to live what we support in others.

For Highly Sensitive People

As a highly sensitive person, I so relate to the difficulties you experienced growing up and perhaps still as an adult.  I know your sensitivities and have lived through them myself.  As a servant of spirit my service is to unveil levels of emotional blocks that have constricted the nervous system. Together we will discover the shadows and release the past that shrouds the Divine Spark that you are.  Most of our greatest transformation comes through facing the perils that we are afraid to face.

Here is what clients say

Here is What Clients say from their Newly Found Awakening

  • Greater sense of happiness and a compassionate heart without reason
  • Ability to handle difficult situations with greater calm
  • Less resistance to change
  • Less mental concerns about past situations
  • More freedom from constant mental chatter
  • A greater acceptance of life as it is
  • Relief

Engaged with my True Self

“… You gave me a new perspective to engage with my True Self as you transmuted my wounded Inner Child into a whole child not having any wounds….” “ … For many years I knew there was something holding me back from experiencing and expressing my inner true me, but I could not put a finger on it. Suddenly, Radavie, you appeared on my radar screen and I just knew you are this special person with whom I could let myself fall and be vulnerable to finally uncover the deeply buried moments of my childhood. How right I was. Right from the start you and your spirits spoke out loud what I felt but could not express in words for decades. Thank you, for believing in me and coaxing me to the point where I can now love myself again. What an inspiration you are!”
Meilin Ehlke
Healer, Bavaria, Germany
woman celebrating sunset

I am Everything

“… It was revealed to me that I am everything. I create everything in my world. I cannot be made to be caged by the worlds’ view (other’s views) of life and what they think it should be. … I now see the world as a way of experiencing an amazing life that can be joyful and fulfilling if we just get past what we perceive to be our judgment and limitations of who we think we are, or who we have been told we are to be…. This truth has changed my focus to now pursuing and living a life much greater than I had thought was possible…”
Staci Fowles
Graphic Artist, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Prajna Ana

Her Devotion is to bring the
Children Home

Radavie is the epitome of love and acceptance, welcoming all in her presence. The space Radavie is able to hold is so nurturing that "I found it effortless to surrender my guard and let the tears flow when touched by the truth of her words. She is calming and wise and extremely connected to the rhythms and intelligence of life. You know when she is speaking that she is bringing you the ultimate truth and her words of purity engender a trust that is necessary when doing this type of deep work. She guided me to find fractured pieces of my soul and integrate them back into my whole self. Literally, she helps to birth the soul of the child that was lost within us into truth and light. If you are finding yourself in the arms of Radavie as your guide and healer, you are very blessed indeed. She is authentic, as she is in service to the Divine Mother. Her devotion is to bring the children home. It is a beautiful work to be doing in the world and I thank her for her service.”
Prajna Ana
Sout Carolina, USA

Liberation Program Description

Minimum commitment: 12-one hour sessions over 3 months: $2,297

Additional sessions available in 3-month blocks

Payment in parts can be arranged

Sessions are conducted via Skype, Zoom or phone with clients worldwide

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