We are all coming face to face with what many believe to be a time never before experienced by humanity. Changes are happening in ways of planetary destruction, political upheaval and epic bloodshed. In view of these events that may be rocking the foundation of our safety, it can be difficult to accept that Love is always here.

Human Love

In the human world love is unreliable.  We celebrate Valentine’s Day. Then the wine and roses fade away.  Human love can believe itself into loving someone or something in order to fulfill a subconscious – or even conscious — need.  And, on a moment-to-moment basis, we can either express love or close the door to love depending upon a passing mood.

We began being programmed in the early years.  Love was available when we pleased others and disappeared when we didn’t.  We learned that we cannot rely on love to be always present.  We take this belief into the adult world, and the pattern continues: we may return love when we are pleased by another and close our hearts when we are not.  Yet in spite of the heartaches and continuous search for permanent love, coupled with the uncertainties of life, authentic love is always here.  So if you are not experiencing authentic love, where is it?

Divine Love

The love you are looking for is the love that you are looking from. Take the metaphor of the sky and clouds.  The sky exists prior to the appearance of clouds, during their appearance and after they dissolve. And, the sky is not tarnished by any cloud.  The sky is pure, everlasting love: it welcomes all.  The sky represents the Everlasting Being from which you are looking.

You are a Divine Spark of Everlasting Being.  Just as the clouds veil the ever present sky, so do beliefs, thoughts and conditioning obscure you, the Divine Spark: the love that doesn’t come and go with the passing clouds of daily life.

To truly live as the Love that is always here, it is essential that we clear the false and fickle sense of self.  How? By healing the wounded heart and thereby unveiling the wrappings that obscure the Divine Spark.  As unresolved traumas are dissolved in the light of Love, we begin seeing from, and as, the Divine Love we have always been.

Our personal problems and traumas, along with what appear to be planetary disasters, are calling us home to the Divine Love that we are.  It is an opportunity to break free from the jail of human struggle. This is when the Love that is always here begins to flow from the wellspring of the One Heart.

As Divine Sparks, we are the light of God, radiating as Divine Love, the One Heart, that can never be destroyed by physical or emotional harm. We are the Divine Love that is always here, that One that is beckoning Itself home.