Greetings from the Spirit within me.

We have just passed through a year of seemingly constant turmoil.  And so, we may find ourselves entering the New Year with a hangover from last year’s world news and environmental disasters.  In the words of Winston Churchill, “History is one damned thing after another.” Ultimately, we can never find happiness if it is invested in the idea that the world around us has to change.

If we look deeply into the root cause of conflict we’ll see that throughout the ages, we humans have been socially conditioned to focus on our differences.  Focusing on differences creates distance between individuals, communities and nations, causing conflict and stress.

Stress has become the norm for many of us.  Yet, there is a lingering longing to live in a state of peace.   But how?  What is required is that we begin to relax our focus on differences and place attention on what we share across all differences.

The highest common denominator among all people is that we share the same animating presence … the one Spirit that gives life to all beings.

The shift in perspective from differences to our shared beingness can start only with us. It doesn’t depend on anything outside having to change. It’s an inside job. And it happens when we wake up from our socially conditioned separate selves and begin to see through the eyes of the One Spirit that we all share.

From the heart of Spirit there is abiding love. It excludes no one. The more that we live as that open spaciousness that is our true being, the more we will see the sameness among all of us.

The most powerful change that we can make in 2018 is to shift our perception.  As we make the shift, we begin to see the One Spirit in many faces.  This creates a rippling effect that will change the lives of people we meet as we move about our daily lives. We begin uplifting the energies on our planet one greeting and meeting at a time.

I hold a space in my heart that we who see through the eyes of One Spirit will be leaders of change.

Namaste. The Spirit in me embraces the Spirit in you.