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Acclaim for The Divine Sparks Speak...

“This book is a gift to the world and all of us Divine Sparks. Read this book and let Radavie and Doug guide you home.”

~ Kim Bella, PhD, Co-founder and Clinical Director of the Spiritual Psychology Center

About The Divine Sparks Speak: Awaken to Inner Peace in the Midst of Chaos

The Divine Sparks Speak gently and continuously points you back to your True Self. Any of its reminders, or one of its 12 Freedom Explorations, could spark the awakening that transforms your life and breaks the spell of lifetimes of human programming and suffering.

This book will help you …

  • Experience relief from fear, anxiety, and pain
  • Transmute lingering childhood traumas into inner peace
  • Experience true forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others
  • Know and feel what is meant by spiritual awakening
  • Shift from endlessly seeking peace and happiness to experiencing them as your natural state
  • Feel lighter and happier for no reason

Why wait for freedom? Start now!


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From an early age, growing up in a remote village in Jamaica, Radavie felt a deep connection with the Divine. At age seven she began receiving messages from “the Divine Sparks,” the essence of our souls. Eventually she learned to heal herself from severe childhood emotional wounds. As a Spirit-based indigenous healer, she has helped several thousand clients release their traumas. More recent messages from the Divine Sparks have awakened her to fully recognize her soul’s agreement for this lifetime: to support all others in breaking the code of human conditioning, and to come home to inner peace, in the midst of everyday life. The Divine Sparks’ messages that Radavie channels are the inspiration for this book.


“Thank you [Radavie] for hearing our call. The essence of our voice is given to you.”
~ the Divine Sparks

Doug DeCarlo

Doug spent 20 years in the business world as a paradigm-shifter, working with thousands of frustrated managers and executives. He trained them to dance with Reality rather than futilely try to change Reality to fit their well-intentioned business plans. In the process, Doug had to face his own predicament, as inner peace eluded him during years of immersion in numerous spiritual books, videos, teachers, and retreats. Then he met Salvatore Poe. Sal’s teachings led Doug home to freedom: the end of seeking. Doug’s realizations are interwoven with Radavie’s throughout the book.  


Let the Divine Sparks Speak gently and continuously point you back to your True Self.

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