What Clients Say

I Regained my Self-Worth

“Working with Radavie is a sacred gift. Not only did she save my life, she helped me regain my self-worth while resolving an abusive relationship. Radavie’s work with individuals in relationship pierces into the deeper truths of the heart and then with ultimate compassion and skill she clears the way energetically and heals with boundless love. Radavie is a once in a lifetime opportunity to clear, heal, mend and restore both yourself and all your relationships. With dedication, skill and deeply guided by Source she IS the “real deal” When people mention Shamans I always pray they find Radavie as well. Brilliant, insightful and highly skilled she is particularly re-Sourced in all aspects of relationships, and also has the stamina to really effect positive changes.”
Cheri Wagner
Certified Medical Herblist, USA

She helped me take back my heart … my love for my Divine Self

“At the time that I sought help from Radavie, I had been working through the aftermath of a personal relationship that had ended and had left me devastated. In the following two years, while going through the Dark Night of the Soul, I had done deep personal work that had brought me insights, release, and transformation. I had understood how my relationship with self plays out in significant relationships with others. I accepted the gift of breaking down of all of the foundations of my life that no longer served me. I also worked with a good psychologist and shared with close friends. I was in a new relationship that was deeply nurturing and healing. I had a lot of healing, and my life had again acquired meaning and purpose, yet there was still a lot of unresolved grief and pain that no amount of understanding and willingness to let go succeeded in resolving.

Radavie’s work brought me a breakthrough in my journey back to wholeness. Her love, clarity, compassion, and connection with the higher realms brought to light the invisible ties that were holding me locked in fixed patterns. And the most miraculous part – she helped and empowered me to release them, right there and then, in the spirit of Love for my Divine Self, and to replace them with the light, love and spaciousness. Rather than only “letting go”, she helped me to take back what had always been mine: my heart, my love for my own Self, the beautiful Star Child within. I gained a profound understanding of how, very early in my life, I had started to seek outside of myself the love that I had not received from my parents. And I was willing to give all of my love to someone who would fill the void. This understanding was not intellectual, it permeated my entire being, and a profound transformation took place. Radavie guided me, with most exquisite love and tenderness, in taking back my beloved inner child and cradling her in the most sacred space within my being, to never be ignored or betrayed again.

What had occurred in the three sessions with Radavie is a true miracle. In the safe and protective space created by Radavie’s profound devotion to the Service of the Highest, the spatial and temporal boundaries of my body had dissolved and I felt suspended in the great, all-embracing, web of Creation, permeated with radiant Love and profound acceptance. There were no thoughts, no concepts there, and all the dense, blocked energy was right there to be brought to light, dissolved, released. In this space, everything was possible, and healing and transformation took place in real time, in the moment. I experienced the most lucid, conscious and compassionate understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness of Self and others and expressed it to my own self and the most significant people in my life, knowing that a mysterious and real change was taking place. The fact that Radavie saw and witnessed both my pain and my beauty was in itself most profoundly transformational.

The gift I received from Radavie is unparalleled. Her healing wisdom and loving devotion is a gift of True Service, and I am eternally grateful to have been a recipient of such Grace.

Thank you Radavie, with Blessings and Cosmic Love!”

Tatiana Kiselyova
Monroe, Georgia

I am so Much More Peaceful Lately

“This morning I was up earlier than usual in prayer asking for direction for my day. You came to mind and I wanted just to say “Hello”. I hope you are well. I am so much more peaceful lately, and working has helped keep me in balance. Mariah and I are settling in to the townhouse and getting her to school on time is no problem.

There is a bird chirping outside my window, the air is clear and crisp. I am looking forward to the fall weather. Thank you Radavie for your perpetual place in my heart and mind, you have helped me open a part of my heart that I could not find the key to on my own. When my thoughts drift to you, I remember who I am and all is well.”
Patricia S. Linck
College Park, Florida

Radavie is a Healer in Every Sense of the Word

“I have worked in the health field for approximately twenty years and have been associated with over a dozen clinics in that time including major Holistic Clinics in California. Over the years I have become aware of the difference between a practitioner and a healer. They are not the same. I can unequivocally state that I have the utmost confidence in Radavie’s clarity, integrity and professionalism.

Entrusting my own wife to Radavie’s care to deal with sensitive issues indicates my degree and trust in Radavie.

Once in a while we do find people like Radavie. She is a healer in every sense of the word”
Douglas E. Marino

Nourish your forgotten child

“The time with Radavie was unlike any healing session I have had. She gracefully led me to my inner child, who I was totally disconnected with. There was a deep empathic response from Radavie around my childhood memories. The re-connection was intense for me and there was a surge of painful emotions. Who can even think that long forgotten memories that lie buried can drive the conscious awareness? As we both cried together I felt the heaviness in my heart transformed to stillness and peace. The most precious words I heard from her were ‘Nourish the child that you do not remember’. Priceless! The next day my body felt dense and tired. According to Radavie’s instructions I took plenty of rest and drank lots of water. By evening I was brimming with renewed energy and a deep love for myself. I received guidance on a whole new path for my life and business, which I am currently pursuing with patience and love. Radavie is an empathic healer. She patiently explains the process and connects to you from her loving heart. She is there with her support and kind words long after your session is over. Her commitment to seeing the Divine Light in you is so strong that she just does not give up on you. I’d highly recommend Radavie to heal your inner child and release old patterns that do not serve you anymore.”
Bindiya Aravandekar
Intuitive Coach | Akashic Records Practitioner India

I was empowered by our sessions together

“I was empowered by our sessions together and began to let loose of fear that was holding me back in life. I had such powerful encounters with spirit and old familiar souls. Thank you Radavie. The images and lessons have stayed with me and are a part of my life journey support “team.””
Roberta Naimark
Asheville, North Carolina

My True Self is always Present and Perfect

“… I hold much love for my Inner Child and understand the wounds and know that even with the wounds my True Self is always present… I see the world as perfect. There are clouds (imperfections) and they will come and go and the world is always perfect even with the clouds of imperfections because my True Self is always perfect with beautiful imperfections, like a brilliant diamond…”
Terri Levine, Coach and Consultant
North Wales, Pennsylvania

She has a Special Gift

I have received shamanic healing work from my dear soul friend Radavie, and was deeply impressed by her magical and effective combination of gentleness, compassion and power. She has a special gift for healing the inner child, and mine was much more happy and playful after our session!
Benjamin Bernstein
Astrologer, Asheville, North Carolina

I had Many Shifts for the Better

Working with Radavie was such a pleasure. She is highly skilled and intuitive. I had many shifts in my inner and outer life for the better after working with her. I am grateful for our sessions and consider her an excellent healer that I will recommend my clients to as well.
Rachel Frezza
Asheville, North Carolina

I Released Things that were No Longer Needed

“When you make the decision to contact Radavie, it will be exactly the right time. There is no mistake when we make the decision to seek out the means or people to assist us in our spiritual and emotional growth. It is something we feel and trust in through an innate sense of a desire to heal and progress on our journey through life.

When I first heard of Radavie, I thought that I knew exactly what I wanted to talk to her about, but something kept me from making the call. I spent almost one month thinking about the issue that had been turning itself over in my mind, but over that time I came in touch with something much deeper, something at the root of what had been bubbling up into my consciousness. When I did call her, my original questions had transformed into something much less superficial and practically more important to me. I knew I could not address the original questions without getting to the true “heart” of the matter.

Radavie is instantly engaging and comforting, speaking with a calmness and wisdom that was easy to trust and open up to. I knew that it would be important to not hold back or try to hide from myself to gain the most from our conversation. Willingness to let go of fear will greatly improve the help she has to offer.

Whatever Radavie asks you, no matter how personal, it comes from a place of unconditional love and there was absolutely no judgment on her part. At times it was difficult to face the things that she brought up in me, but that difficulty quickly turned to a sense of wellbeing and security as I felt I was releasing things I no longer needed to hold on to. By the time our conversation had ended I was instructed to make sure I did not immediately return to my usual routine, but instead to take the time to be with myself and let the healing take place while meditating on our time speaking.
William Plumhoff
Croton on Hudson, New York