What Clients Say

A New Positive Sense of Self

“After working with Radavie, the deep sadness and loneliness that I have been carrying for what seems a life time has lifted and there is a new positive sense of self in its place.”
Don White, Acupuncturist

The Symptoms of my Chronic Disease are Gone

“My session with Radavie was one of the best things I have done for myself in my lifetime. I had a chronic disease for over 15 years and coming to Radavie I realized that there was an underlying emotional issue. And now the symptoms are gone.”
Eleanor Nash
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

I Changed for the Better in my Physical and Emotional Heart

“From the deepest bottom of my heart, my hopes for getting better had been crushed after continuous treatment and therapy for over a year, with no view of getting better. Radavie, your healing powers have done wonders. I have already seen such a change for the better in my physical and emotional heart.”
Cansel Bass

Have Finally Been Able to Move though My Negative Blocks

“…Radavie’s unique, authentic and amazing ability to connect directly with one’s emotional energy, and empathically converse with your inner child, fears and emotional blocks has been an invaluable gift to my spiritual growth and development as a human being. Since working with Radavie even via Skype, we have finally been able to move through my negative blocks from my childhood experiences that have until now, been holding me back from living my life to my full and true potential.

I am forever blessed to have worked with her and to be able to call her a “true” spiritual shaman and friend.”
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Radavie can Crack through the Hardest of Shells

“My dear sister Radavie is no joke she can crack thru the hardest of shells…like mine. She holds space and opens up doors allowing you to step into your inner child and embrace your beautiful self. Her tenderness and ability to be firm like a mother at times makes the journeys work all make sense. She has taught me how to surrender to the process and allow the divine into my life.”
Howard S.
Pennsylvania, USA

Radavie is an Alchemist and a True Artist at Nurturing the Human Soul

“Radavie is the mother of all mothers. Just like a mother with her precious child she fully took me in with all my struggles, and allowed me to see the beauty of my life. Just like an onion—she pealed one layer at a time. She is an alchemist and a true artist at nurturing the human soul. She transformed my life, especially my relationship with my husband. She drank up every word I uttered and offered her support in the most loving manner. Her presence is deeply palpable over the phone. Her energy touched me so deeply and in response I surrendered and let go of my guard. She took me to places in my soul that I thought I would never reveal again. Yet she gently took me there and allowed me to look at a deeper layer. I began to feel results immediately after the first session. However, I was hungry for more. Following my full treatment of 6 weeks, I became much stronger, self-aware and confident in my relationship with my husband, which positively affected all my relationships including my parents. I am so grateful to have worked with Radavie in the last few months and highly recommend her magic to any human being looking for greater joy in their life. Thank you Radavie for being….” I love you!
Margarita Gendelman M.S., OTR/L
Manhattan, New York

Truly Life-Enhancing Experience

“When I went to see Radavie, I had no specific need in mind or life problem to solve. The purpose for my visit, as I told Radavie, came from the realization that, as I am 70 years old, I had a lot more road behind me than I did ahead of me and I wanted to put as much quality as I could into my remaining years. My time with Radavie was am amazing experience. How she did it is a mystery to me, but within the first few minutes of our initial meeting, she sensed a pain that I had carried for many years and long ago pushed out of my awareness; a pain connected with the death and unfinished grief for my brother; and event that happened nearly 50 years ago. Why I needed to see Radavie became clear in those first few minutes. I needed to heal those painful memories of his loss and reconnect with my brother. In Radavie’s safe space and loving presence, I had a very powerful and healing emotional release – and since that experience, I definitely have had a feeling of a loving bond with my brother which had been missing in my life. There is a part of me that is so conventional that, had she not been recommended to me by someone I trust, I would have missed the truly life-enhancing experience I had working with Radavie. As I told Radavie, my two visits with her were worth much more than all the time and money I spent many years ago on going to see psychiatrists. And yes, my stated purpose for going to see Radavie: To bring as much quality as I could into my remaining years, definitely realized.”
Sidney Smith, 70 years young
South Carolina, USA

Radavie is Capable of establishing a Deep Connection with the Child

“I have never encountered someone like Radavie; she is capable of establishing a deep connection with the child we all carry within us. Her mission is to heal and reveal by channeling that deep, intimate space. Radavie seems to have a profound understanding of the relationship between our Selves; a journey with her is full-circle…she will take you back to visit the child that has been awaiting your return home.”
Andrew Krauss, Restauranteur
New York, USA

A Major Shift Occurred in My Thinking

For the past year I’ve been coming to Radavie on occasion for help with various physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. Each visit has been extremely beneficial on all levels. Once I came to her because of recurrent pain in one of my molars. My dentist suggested that a root canal might be necessary, and this is something I wouldn’t consider except as a “last resort” Radavie worked on the energy in my mouth and within two weeks the pain was gone.

Another time, I was very despondent due to some long-standing concerns. After the session with Radavie, a major shift occurred in my thinking which allowed me to embrace life as never before.

I can’t thank her enough for her wisdom, compassion and healing abilities.
Asheville, North Carolinak, USA