What Clients Say

Now I am Once Again Riding a Motorcycle

“I want to offer this testimonial regarding my being a client of Radavie.

I first came to Radavie I was suffering great pain…my left leg and back would not permit me to lie on any position. In fact, I spent most of the night up and down and at times even lying half way across the bed. I even considered surgery after being told I had some stenosis. Not even Chiropractor adjustments helped.

I came across Radavie’s advertisement, called, made an appointment and began treatments. I cannot nor will I attempt to explain how Radavie performs her magic, but in a couple of months I began to feel better than I had in many a year.

Now, almost two and a half years later I can describe my health as excellent. I will shortly be 69 years of age and those who know me are always commenting on the many events I find myself doing. I have taken dance lessons and do fairly good at ballroom dancing. Now I am once again riding a motorcycle and have no ill effects not discomfort in doing 150 miles distance.

I can honestly say that Radavie’s sessions have certainly restored a real quality to my life.”
Captain Marshall Irwin
Gainsville, Florida

A Transformative Experience

… You gave me a new perspective to engage with my true Self as you transmuted my wounded Inner Child into a whole child not having any wounds….”

Thank you for your service and for all your help with a very transformative experience. I feel closer every day to my inner child, and more grown into myself as a woman. I thank you for your help and friendship; I am privileged to know you.”
California, USA

Waves of Palpable Emotional Relief were Unlike Anything I had Previously Experienced and I Tried Many Modalities

“Even after decades of personal growth work, I knew I was still impacted by some childhood issues that stubbornly refused to go away. One day last summer, I heard an interview with Radavie and felt drawn to talk with her. After that conversation, I felt it was time for a retreat. Joyfully it worked out that I did this work the week after being in the totality of the Solar Eclipse in August 2017. The waves of palpable emotional relief were unlike anything I had previously experienced (and I tried many modalities). The transformational impact was so distinct and wonderful that I now look at my life in two phases—pre-eclipse and post-retreat. Ha ha! The experience was, and continues to be, that profound.

After the retreat, challenges bubbled up in my life and offered me opportunities to handle old situations with more grace and a newfound calm. To get as much value as possible from the retreat experience, I bought one, then a second, block of 10 weekly sessions to work with Radavie over the phone. I used what was happening in my life as the topics for each conversation—it was tremendously helpful, even magical a few times. I will always be grateful to Radavie for her pivotal role in helping me move beyond the pain of my past. Pre-eclipse Me spent way too much energy just dealing with life. However, thanks to the emotional healing work and the freedom it has brought me, Post-retreat Me can now focus my efforts on my life’s work with a new sense of peace and joy.”
Kathryn Bond Doyle
New Jersey, USA

This was the key that was missing all these years

Like lots of us, I had a challenging childhood. There were years when I tried to ignore the pain I was holding from those years and then finally when I was ready I searched for a way to heal myself. I began with intense inner child work with two therapists over seven years. I read books and attended seminars. While I was helped, it seemed there was something fundamental that was missing, until I found Radavie. Her retreat changed all of this for me. Beyond the energetic healing, I discovered something profound that I had locked away for decades. This was the key that had been missing all these years. What an enormous relief! While there is more that will likely unfold with Radavie’s continued help, I can’t describe just how enormously important this work has been for me. Thank you, Radavie, so very much!
Big Mike
Executive, New Jersey

I am More Content and can be More Effective in my Work

…Radavie worked with me using divinely guided empathy to remove a resentment, thereby freeing me up into the next higher octave of enlightenment, and so, therefore, I am more content, and thus, also, I can be more effective in my work. Thank you.”
Omshana, Ph.D.,C.M.T.

Transformation of an Eight-Year-Old Child

“My 8-year old son was a determined, difficult child the moment he was born. In fact, prior to his birth he tried to arrive early and I was on bed rest. He has always seemed wise beyond his years but struggling over dependency vs independency and all of the rude comments to me in trying to come to grips with that issue. He also has been mean to his little brother, teasing and beating up on him. I brought Jason to Radavie and she worked on him for over an hour. He was totally drained and slept, but his behavior became worse. I brought him back 2—3 more times and I witnessed a substantial difference in his behavior. He started apologizing for the remarks he made, hugging me and starting to understand, to empathize with me and my role as his Mother. He didn’t fight with his brother as much and even made the comment, “I’m the oldest brother and I need to teach my brother things about life, but instead, he’s teaching me The healing has assisted Jason to uncover the struggling soul within him. He now recognizes when he needs to come for another session and self-awareness is the goal isn’t it?”
Toni Ratliff, RN
Gainsville, Florida, USA

We are in Reality Beyond this World and Beyond this Body

“The goal of the retreat was to free my trapped emotions from the rubble of difficult and wrongly interpreted past experiences and to reunite myself with my true self. The process I went through and the experience I had has changed my perspective on this life.

During the embrace between my father, my inner child and myself, my father had disappeared. What remained of him was his true self. All my resentments and judgements of him no longer existed.

To touch essence is to know that this life is an amazing but temporary gift, and that we are in reality, beyond this world and beyond this body, beyond life and death. We are eternal spirits.”
Paul D.
Tampa, Florida, USA

Radavie Found the Lock and Helped me Turn the Key

I want to thank Radavie for her offering me the opportunity to change my life. For about 2 years prior to working with her, my inner voice had been telling me it was finally time to work on my inner child issues. Like everyone else, I’d tried things over the years, and I thought I’d made progress, BUT the inner voice was unrelenting. Being me, I responded by saying “then give me someone to work with because I’ve done all I can by myself.” I absolutely knew the moment that Radavie told me what she did inner child healing that the universe had provided the help I needed. In August I joined Radavie at the retreat. I made an agreement with myself that I would trust Radavie completely and follow where wherever she led. I bring this up because I believe most of us with inner child issues find trust hard. I believe that a huge part of the success of the 4 day Retreat was my willingness to not second guess and more importantly not analyze or intellectualize. As an analyst by training and a strong T on the MBTI – this was tantamount to asking a fish to fly or a bird to swim, but my word is my bond – even with myself. I am stressing this so strongly because I believe (at least for me) that it is what allowed me to turn the key on the locked part of my psyche known as my inner child. To say it was transformative would be an understatement. By the end of the 4 day Retreat, the anger that was a continuous low-level presence in my life had died down to a candle flame. It is now 6 months later, and the question any logical person would ask is, “Has it really worked? Has my life changed?” The answer is yes. Not only has it changed but much more importantly it has continued to change. I found, upon reflection that everything in my life centered around being safe and in control. Of course, most of us could say that, but I realized that I had taken the childhood wound and indirectly dedicated my life not just to making myself safe, but to showing others how they could be safer and hopefully, have more joy in their working lives. I’m fortunate to feel I made lemonade out of lemons, BUT what I am finding now is that I am FREE to make completely different decisions, without fear or anger.

I will be honest – freedom feels strange and a little stressful, but it’s allowing me to rethink who I want to be in this new chapter of my life. It’s too soon to know what decisions I’m going to make – after all life is a journey, but I can say without reservation I would not be exploring my options without the help that Radavie gave me. Radavie, DeDe (my inner child) and I thank you from the bottom of our shared heart.
Donna F., Retired
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA