What Clients Say

Radavie has received many testimonials for her service from many clients in past years. The following pages contain just a few of them.

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“I would not be the person I am today without the work she facilitate. Her connection to spirit is incredible. Her empathy and intuition are powerful...Life has not been the same since that, and it never will be, because I am fearless now.”
Fidel Remo Carey

Engaged with my True Self

“… You gave me a new perspective to engage with my true Self as you transmuted my wounded Inner Child into a whole child not having any wounds….” “ … For many years I knew there was something holding me back from experiencing and expressing my inner true me, but I could not put a finger on it. Suddenly, Radavie, you appeared on my radar screen and I just knew you are this special person with whom I could let myself fall and be vulnerable to finally uncover the deeply buried moments of my childhood. How right I was. Right from the start you and your spirits spoke out loud what I felt but could not express in words for decades. Thank you, for believing in me and coaxing me to the point where I can now love myself again. What an inspiration you are!”
Meilin Ehlke
Bavaria, Germany

I gained access to my self

… It is really important how it (our session) gave me access to my self. Today I felt like more clouds were covering my blue sky, but it still is empowering to know the sky of my true self never changes … The clouds still roll in, but I feel more love about them. I’d like for Katie to feel really loved, no matter what state she is in. That’s the truth, and that is the true state of being. It brings me back to that. … I sat and watched the clouds, and stared at the blue, and felt the intimacy of being with myself….”
Catherine Berendsohn
Florida, USA

I am pure awareness

… Radavie’s guidance helped me to realize that at the deepest core of my being I am pure awareness. It felt like coming home after a long journey. I felt deeply calm, peaceful and surrendered. I also felt very grounded in the present moment. My mind was still and my body at ease. It was a beautiful, healing and empowering experience….”
Conor Santry

I am everything

“… It was revealed to me that I am everything. I create everything in my world. I cannot be made to be caged by the worlds’ view (other’s views) of life and what they think it should be. … I now see the world as a way of experiencing an amazing life that can be joyful and fulfilling if we just get past what we perceive to be our judgment and limitations of who we think we are, or who we have been told we are to be…. This truth has changed my focus to now pursuing and living a life much greater than I had thought was possible…”
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Be prepared for doing deep important work

“Be prepared for doing deep, important work when you work with Radavie. She lovingly and skillfully guided me on a journey back to the root of strong feelings of resentment and lack that were surfacing, back to situations in my childhood that were the root cause of those feelings. She also helped me strengthen my compassion for my younger self that felt so unseen. Radavie’s unconditionally loving presence with whatever emerged was so healing. And her ability to help me release energy that had been stuck in me for years was invaluable. In fact, so much got cleared, a few weeks later a large sum of money was gifted to me very unexpectedly. I credit the work with Radavie for helping me to make space to receive abundance.”
Rachel Cohen, M.S., Energy Healer
New Hampshire, USA

Her devotion is to bring the children home

Radavie is the epitome of love and acceptance, welcoming all in her presence. The space Radavie is able to hold is so nurturing that I found it effortless to surrender my guard and let the tears flow when touched by the truth of her words. She is calming and wise and extremely connected to the rhythms and intelligence of life. You know when she is speaking that she is bringing you the ultimate truth and her words of purity engender a trust that is necessary when doing this type of deep work. She guided me to find fractured pieces of my soul and integrate them back into my whole self. Literally, she helps to birth the soul of the child that was lost within us into truth and light. If you are finding yourself in the arms of Radavie as your guide and healer, you are very blessed indeed. She is authentic, as she is in service to the Divine Mother. Her devotion is to bring the children home. It is a beautiful work to be doing in the world and I thank her for her service.”
Prajna Ana
South Carolina, USA

She led me to where we find the keys
to happiness

“… Radavie is that rare guide who combines the utmost compassion with penetrating insight, and a true desire to lead her clients in the direction that is best for them. She is not afraid to speak the truth.

In my work with Radavie, she led me to the most personal, intimate places within myself – which is where we find the keys to our own happiness – and my trust in her was well placed. If you think about the enormity of that statement, I think you will agree that there is no higher recommendation than that.”
Reba Linker, Transformational Life Coach and Author

I began releasing the wounded child from the cage

“I worked with Radavie at a time when I was anxious about releasing a new book into the world. Within 5 minutes, Radavie had identified the roots of my anxiety, shown me the bars of the cage I’d put myself in when I was young, and also solved the mystery of why I’d hated school so much as a child. Our session was filled with so much joy and laughter, and I came away feeling wonderful, at ease, no longer anxious…and also having begun the process of releasing my inner child from that cage and accepting her, fully and completely. Radavie is truly an instrument of the Divine, a beautiful soul, and a wonderful teacher …
With love from child Donna and adult Donna”
Donna Higton, Coach and Writer

Reconnecting with Our True Self

“…With her innate abilities Radavie has helped me maneuver through my shadow side quickly with lasting results. My life has been forever changed and enhanced because of her and I am so very grateful for this. Radavie is the master teacher, healer, and mentor that I had been silently asking for to assist me with moving forward with my life. Working with Radavie assisted me to regain my personal power that had been time locked in the past, heal and reconnect that personal power with who I am today. I have experienced more self-confidence, inner-connectedness, and inner peace as a result of working with her to recapture the lost parts of myself. She has a gift to getting to the heart of the matter, allowing those lost pieces of our souls to reconnect with our true self. If you are ready to move forward and become all that you can be, Radavie will assist you to get there. Radavie you are a blessing in my life!”
Dr. Dolores Fazzino
Encinitas, California

Very deep wounds were released

“I have been a seeker for many years and have tried many different paths only to find that not much changed and I was frustrated as ever. Through Divine Grace I was led to do inner child healing work and that made quite a difference and real changes had occurred over the years. Although I had real transformation and lots of old wounds were met and healed I found I had gotten to a place of feeling stuck and couldn’t really move forward. Divine grace stepped in again and led me to Radavie. I have had three sessions with her and am amazed how I was able to get past being stuck .I was also amazed at the amount of very deep old wounds that were let go that I wasn’t able to access before.

There also is a very important piece that I didn’t know about before I met Radavie and that was soul retrieval. Parts of my consciousness broke off during child hood trauma and Radavie guided me to bring these pieces back and integrate them. What an experience!!! Each time we did that at the end of a session I felt my heart open more and more and my inner child was being healed on a profound level. And it has stayed open. Truly amazing!

As a result of my sessions with Radavie my life is moving forward again in such a good way and I feel more confidence in myself and more trust in life. I highly recommend Radavie to anyone sincerely seeking real and lasting changes in their life and can’t say enough about her amazing skills, guidance and intuition. This is what makes her an awesome healer/shaman and I am very grateful for having her in my life.”
Michael C.
Landscaper, Massachusetts, USA

Radavie cleared some suffering that just lingered despite earlier therapy

“Radavie is a Healer. As a psychotherapist, trained in Western psychology and dabbling in Spiritual teachings throughout my life, I make a clear distinction between more traditional therapies and the energy work she brought to me. I have had quite a bit of therapy over the years and have always found it very helpful. Wanting to clear some suffering that just lingered despite that earlier work, I consulted Radavie. Her detailed attention, sharp insight, sense of humor, and thoroughly compassionate connection to my pain, hastened my process of coming to terms with my past in a deeper way. I literally feel lighter emotionally and like I have finally been able to gain a true perspective on my personal journey. Any residual shame has lifted and I am grateful both personally and professionally for Radavie’s Spirit and Wisdom. If you have the opportunity to consult with her, by all means do so. It is a gift you will give yourself and those around you…..Namaste”
Noelle Elia LCSW
Psychotherapist, New York, USA