What is Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakening means to wake up from the illusion of who we think we are.  As we continue our healing by unveiling our childhood wounds and our conditioning, the light of our open heart shines through.  And what seems to have been forgotten — our True Nature, the Divine Spark that we are — reveals itself.  A moment of recognition occurs. We become aware that we were never who we thought we had always been. We become Spiritually Awakened to our True Nature.

As infants and very young children, we started out seeing the world through a loving and open heart. We were Love itself. This was our primal experience. In our innocence we opened to everything and everyone. As pure love, there was no you and no me. Because love was all we knew, we had no fear. We were one with all.

As time passed, fear and hurt developed from the way we were treated and what the world valued as a successful human being. We began losing sight of our innocence. Our innocence –the Divine Spark that we are – became veiled and lost in the world of human conditioning, the world of suffering. We became wounded children living as adults. Healing the wounds is an opportunity to open the portal to Spiritual Awakening. We begin to live from our heart space rather than from the beliefs that were placed upon us.  The world is now seen from our True Nature rather than through the veil of the wounded self.